Tighter security following Paris shooting may be the new normal

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) Could the heightened security brought on by yesterday deadly attack in Paris become a permanent fixture?

One expert says the striking difference between the attack and other terror related shootings in North America means the response will likely be much longer lasting.

a] bit of a different situation in France and some parts of Europe compared to Canada, says international security analyst David Hyde. quite a history of social unrest when it comes to ideology, demographics, [and the] idea of assimilation versus separation when it comes to the Muslim and Arabic communities. incident really caps off some tensions that have been brewing for a long time. So, I think you not going to see this tamp down in the way we kind of seen the Ottawa shooting tamp down here. the reaction tighter security around not just France, but Europe as a whole likely won be a temporary measure.

is unfortunately a bit of a new normal now in France, [as well as] probably Germany and some parts of Europe, where the threat level is going to remain high for quite some time, adds Hyde.

going to see, probably, an elevated level of security in some of these more high risk areas for the coming months, certainly until they can find something tamp this down overall. says the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 is the most similar incident in recent memory because one of the gunmen in that case survived, as well.

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