What We Miss About the Year 2000

a thing and bringing it to where it is today. It was quickly recognized that people liked to see other people miserable on tv, and this is was the beginning of it all.

MP3’s quickly made paying for music a thing of the past. Napster and Limewire made it possible to have every billboard hit (and computer virus) at your fingertips with just a click of the mouse. The time of free music is long gone, but the MP3 format is here to stay.

WHHHAASSSSUUP? Not much, Budweiser, but we forgot to thank you for introducing this amazing commercial in the Y2K. This phrase will live long in movie parodies for years to come.

Elian Gonzales Made crossing the border look a little easier than what’s portrayed in just about every movie I’ve ever seen. Found floating in a raft from Cuba, this custody battle was a hot topic this year.

The fourth book in the Harry Potter series was released, making this the last year the general public would be able to enjoy the characters solely in their imaginations. The first movie wouldn’t come out until the next year.

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